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Established in 2015, LARAIA is a TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION CONSULTANT that analyzes and learns to research the levels of interest in an era of constant technological uncertainties and world transformations. We work with a company, planning and implementing its future in order to ensure
a 10 to 20 year sustainability policy for new services.


What do we offer our clients?

What do we offer our clients?


Exclusive Technology ®

We transform data and information into knowledge for the planning of your company's technological future. Our tool performs the operation of reading the texts in a short time spam, classifies them in the search space with greater assertiveness in the interpretation of information, with speed, high quality, reproducibility and fidelity to the criteria defined in machine learning.


F-Plan Methodology | Technological Planning

Rapid process of product, technology and resources planning to implement the process of mapping
in the company. It is developed in 3 modules: the Preliminary Alignment; Realization of the Roadmap
itself; and Roadmap Validation.

The benefits of choosing the F-Plan Methodology are:

  • Knowledge sharing;
  • Identification of technological trends;
  • Identification of critical technological capabilities;
  • Facilitating the balance between market pull and technology push;
  • Common vision of the technological course.


F-Plan Methodology | Technological Prospection

Technological Prospecting for the elaboration of technological roadmaps applied to a specific scope
for a technological product or platform, indicated when the objective is reliable analysis of scenarios
and defines technological maps and direction of strategic actions in Organizations. 

The benefits of choosing the T-Plan Methodology are:

  • Reliable scenarios analysis;
  • Technological orientation and direction of strategic actions in companies;
  • Use of methodologies: Morphological analysis, Delphi method, decision matrices for
    definition of technological maps: greater reliability in the elaboration of roadmaps.


A-Plan Methodology | Technological Forecast 

Analytical framework for the accomplishment of Technological Forecasts and analysis of future
trends. It shows a historical panorama of the evolution of technology and presents for short,
medium and long-term actions.

The benefits of choosing the A-Plan Methodology are:

  • Partial |deductions of trends;
  • Individual approach of players;
  • An overview of the history and evolution of technology and consequent;
  • Valuation of internal data sources, active participation of experts and company executives;
  • Knowledge of the technological areas of greatest strength of each of the competitors;
  • Solid data base through Desk Research (secondary Internet search) and paid sources,
    survey of key scientific articles, conference papers, market reports and economic indicators
    of the players defined by the scope.

I-Clip Methodology |  Partnership with RedeData

  • Intelligent Information Collection on the Web;
  • Classification and Ranking;
  • Distribution of the material and link;
  •  Market intelligence grants.

The benefits of choosing the I-Clip Methodology are:

  • Partners
  • Market for action
  • Licensing Sources
  • Routes for improvement
  • Competitor movements
  • Relevant and emerging technologies
  • Tracking of technological capacity building
  • Reduced map execution time by about 50%

Meet our team of specialists

Meet our team of specialists


Lilian Laraia MSc.

Chemical Engineer, Master in Applications at IPEN | USP, PD& I Management and Roadmap Specialist.

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Antonio Barroso Phd.

Mechanical Engineer, Master's
degree from the Military Institute of Engineering and Doctorate from MIT.

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João Mota MSc.

Mechanical Engineer, Master in Automotive Engineering from Brunel University | UK.


Clients & Partners

Clients & Partners


News & Workshops

News & Workshops

Roadmap & Technological
Routes, P,D&I | 12.09.2018

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